Cornbread & Cashmere started as an idea intended to fuse city glam with good ol' country livin'.  Now, based in the heart of America's best city, C&C showcases Charleston at its best.  The site shares insight into the city's best shops, street style, and even some personal experiences and thoughts.  

You can peruse the site using the navigation tabs above.  The 'Blog' tab shows all posts, starting with the most recent, while the 'Threads','Words', and 'Beauty' tabs show only the posts from that particular category.  

About Me

Hi there!

My name is Ann Lillian, or Lilli.  I am a dancer/blogger/student on a continuous search for the best desserts in America.  Hailing from Tennessee by way of South Carolina, I am determined to bring the Southern Way to larger cities.  Cornbread and Cashmere embodies just that.  Here you will find the incomparable experiences and style of the city sprinkled with a bit of southern charm.  This blog brings to life everything I love, and I hope you love it too.  It makes me so happy to write about this crazy life and share it with you all, awkward experiences and bad hair days included.  

Happy reading, y'all!